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Measuring the Impact of Victim Services: Developing and Testing the iMPRoVE Tool for Measuring Service Quality and Outcomes: NIJ Final Report

NCJ Number
Date Published
December 2023
280 pages

This report presents the project methodology behind the development of the iMPRoVE platform and survey tool, aimed at guiding the victim services field from a focus on effort to a focus on results and effectiveness.


This document reports on a project that had the overarching goal of guiding the victim services field from a focus on effort to a focus on results and effectiveness through the creation of an outcome measurement tool and a platform that will support victim service providers (VSPs) in the administration of that tool. In order to accomplish its goal, the project team had three primary objectives: to build on the existing efforts of VSPs to develop a validated, trauma-informed, low-burden outcome measurement instrument that can be completed by victims and survivors to measure outcomes and service satisfaction; to develop a standardized methodology for survey administration and data analysis; and to customize an intuitive, freely available software application (Tangerine©) for VSPs to use in administering the outcome survey instrument and securely collecting, viewing, and exporting data in an easily accessible format. The project resulted in the development of iMPRoVE, an online tool that VSPs can use to survey victims and survivors to learn about the outcomes and quality of services provided. This report provides a summary of the project and the development of iMPRoVE; it also presents information regarding participants and collaborators, including expert panel and committee involvement, interviews with crime victims, cognitive testing of the iMPRoVE survey instrument, usability testing, and pilot testing. The document includes a section on artifacts, products resulting from the project and datasets that were generated as well as dissemination activities. The four appendices include: Existing Outcome Measures Matrix; Measuring the Impact of Victim Services; iMPRoVE Pilot Survey; and Outcomes and Perceptions of Service Quality by Respondent Demographics and Service Utilization.

Date Published: December 1, 2023