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A Landscape Study Examining Technologies and Automation for Differential Extraction and Sperm Separation for Sexual Assault Investigations

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Date Published
May 2022
50 pages

This landscape study reviews the conventional differential extraction methodology, a technique that enables the selective cell lysis and isolation of DNA from a mixture of sperm and epithelial cells, and its associated challenges, technology solutions that are commercially available and in development, and current research that will advance differential extraction and sperm separation techniques.


The study provides background information on differential extraction methods and challenges posed by current techniques. Also provided is a product landscape of commercially available chemical and filtration kits and automated systems. End-users describe their experiences with differential extraction technologies, and insights are provided for ongoing research areas for differential extraction technologies. In producing this study, researchers consulted peer-reviewed literature and secondary sources to obtain information on conventional methodologies, associated challenges, and solutions that are available or in development. The study reviewed the product landscape by contacting commercial vendors to obtain insights about key product details. In addition, subject matter experts from academia and state and local crime laboratories across the United States were contacted to discuss the use and implementation of select marketed products compared with conventional techniques.


Date Published: May 1, 2022