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Just Science Podcast: Just Family Support During Death Investigations

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March 2023

In episode three of the Supporting Medicolegal Death Investigators mini season, Just Science sat down with Rebecca Reid, Laramie County Coroner in Wyoming, and Meghan Clarke, Family Advocate Coordinator at the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner, to discuss the development of new roles in medicolegal death investigation offices that focus on providing support to the families of decedents. On a daily basis, the staff of medical examiner and coroner offices encounter grieving families who are in need of compassion, resources, or just a listening ear. In response to this need, MDI offices across the country are developing programs and staff positions that are entirely devoted to supporting the families of decedents. Listen along as Rebecca and Meghan describe the historic need for family and community advocates, specific strategies for support and remembrance, and advice on how more offices can start building this kind of program. 

Date Published: March 1, 2023