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JTIC Releases Desktop Version of School Safe

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May 2018
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This article from the May 2018 issue of TECHBeat describes the features and benefits of the Justice Technology Information Center’s (JTIC’s) new desktop version of its popular free phone app, School Safe.
School Safe is JTIC’s Security and Safety Assessment App for Schools. The desktop version of the app makes it easy for school resource officers to perform a safety and security assessment of school buildings and grounds by observing conditions and answering a series of simple questions. Desktop School Safe, which is available as a fillable PDF, also provides an improved capability to write lengthy blocks of texts using all 10 fingers, which is more efficient than using the phone app for lengthy reports. This enables easy file-sharing among team members who are collaborating on a security assessment. For security purposes, each download code issued by JTIC for mobile School Safe can be used on only one device. Although its final output can be exported as a shareable PDF, the actual survey can be conducted on only one device. With the desktop version, however, the fillable PDF can be passed from one team member to another in working on different sections. The desktop version also includes enhanced capability for adding photos. The ability to expand easily on brief assessment notes from a mobile device is the most significant advantage provided by desktop School Safe.
Date Published: May 1, 2018