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Gaining the "EDGE" on Virtual Training for Schools and First Responders

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December 2018
2 pages
This article describes a free virtual training tool that enables school resource officers (SROS) and school administrators to engage with law enforcement and other first responders in a virtual training experience tailored to the settings and policies of a particular school or school district and community.
This tool is entitled the “Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment” (EDGE), whose development and implementation is funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate. EDGE enables training participants to control avatars and role play to scenarios designed by their own trainers to fit their community, their policies, and their procedures. It requires that an experienced trainer design events in cooperation with participants from a variety of disciplines. Under EDGE-facilitated virtual training, participants have the capabilities they would have if they were in their school, so they have the opportunity to practice their existing policies and procedures. Although EDGE is viewed primarily as training for an active-shooter event, it can be used for conflict de-escalation, a hostage situation, a fire, or any other type of emergency the school wants to design. EDGE enables the trainer to replay all or part of the scenario from the perspective of any participant, creating an opportunity for analysis of response and discussion about ways to improve the response. The article provides guidance for those who wish to register for and access EDGE.
Date Published: December 1, 2018