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On the Front Lines: Case Studies of Policing in America's Cities

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Date Published
January 1992
50 pages
This document describes successful local policing programs in 12 United States cities.
The case studies presented here represent a wide range of programs in cities large and small, in diverse geographic settings, and targeting numerous community problems. The 12 chapters are: (1) Aurora's Community-Based Gang Prevention Effort; (2) Carlsbad's Guide Program; (3) Carlsbad's Juvenile Justice Program (4) Columbia's Community Policing Program in Public Housing; (5) Columbus's Conditional Discharge Program; (6) Elkhart County's Drug Task Force: A Police Community Partnership; (7) Fort Pierce's Tutoring Program; (8) Hayward's Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving System; (9) Orlando's Long-Term Strategy to Reduce Paperwork and Increase Productivity; (10) St. Petersburg's School Resource Officer Program; (11) University City's Domestic Violence Program; and (12) Wilmington's Police Social Worker Victim Service Team. Each project is described under five categories: (1) Summary; (2) Background; (3) Structure and Activities; (4) Staffing, Funding, and Other Resources; and (5) Future Plans. There is a brief description of the United States Conference of Mayors and its activities.

Date Published: January 1, 1992