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Forensic Resources on the Web

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November 2006
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This article described online resources for forensic researchers.
Direct links to some 70 forensic resources on the Web are provided within the context of this article. Each paragraph provides a full description of the resourced organization, its Web site address, and detailed information regarding all research, resources and information available within the sites. The main categories of information are General Forensic Resources, Finding Forensic-Related Articles, Forensic Association, and Web Resources Related to Specific Forensic Topics. The National Institute of Justice's Forensic Sciences provides Web pages in full text of many NIJ publications related to forensic sciences, as well as descriptions of related NIJ programs and funding sources. The National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology and the Law (NCSTL) offers a database of bibliographic information for an assortment of resources. Several useful forensic-related Web sites provide either research pathfinders or a categorized directory of Web links, or both. Zeno's Forensic Site is a Web directory of hundreds of forensic-related sites on the Internet. Kruglick's Forensic Resource and Criminal Law Search Site lists links to over 1,500 sites related to forensics or law; forensic researchers can also use Reddy's Forensic Page, a Web directory of dozens of links related to forensic science and law. The Criminal Justice General Resources Web page points users to gateways, directories, academic sites, clearinghouses, think tanks, and professional associations/organizations. The Forensics & Investigations pages of Court TV's Crime Library: Criminal Minds & Methods provide background reports on some of the most notorious or unusual investigations. European Network of Forensic Science Institutes has created a glossary of forensic-related terms that are immediately translated into several European languages. The Crime Lab Project Forum is a blog reporting on the latest news about crime labs and other forensic-related stories. Also detailed are Web resources related to specific topics such as: forensic pathology, forensic anthropology, biometrics, forensic botany, toxicology, fingerprints, DNA, firearms, and questioned documents.

Date Published: November 1, 2006