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Five Things About School-Based Violence Prevention and Intervention Programs

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Date Published
November 2021
2 pages

Based on an analysis by CrimeSolutions of school-based violence-prevention programs, this report summarizes five effective practices for countering school-based violence.



One assessment is that school-based bullying prevention programs prevent victimization and reduce bullying perpetration. A second assessment is that based on a review and rating, cyberbullying prevention and intervention programs can reduce online bullying perpetration and victimization. A third assessment is that universal school-based prevention and intervention programs for aggressive and disruptive behavior can reduce such behavior. A fourth assessment is that interventions to reduce dating and sexual violence among school-aged youth and young adults do not reduce dating violence; however, the assessment did find that such programs have other positive effects. The fifth assessment is that selective school-based violence prevention programs can reduce aggression in K-12 students who are considered at-risk or who have engaged in such antisocial behaviors.


Date Published: November 1, 2021