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Critical Criminal Justice Issues

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January 1997
149 pages
This report to the United States Attorney General presents summaries and text of 12 task force reports with policy recommendations on major crime and criminal justice issues facing the United States.
In public opinion polls, crime and fear of crime rank as the most important issues. At the 1994 American Society of Criminology (ASC) annual meeting, Attorney General Janet Reno challenged ASC scholars and requested their assistance in dealing with some of the major crime and criminal justice issues facing the Nation. The reports presented in this document are the response to that challenge. The ASC established 12 task forces in different areas of research activity and asked the task force member to distill their research findings into policy recommendations. Summaries and text for each task force report are provided covering the areas of (1) early prevention of and intervention for delinquency and related problem behavior, (2) youth violence, (3) a new vision for inner-city schools, (4) drug policy options: lessons from three epidemics, (5) drugs and the community, (6) an overview of violence against women, (7) domestic and international organized crime, (8) designing out crime, (9) the state of the police, (10) a crime control rationale for reinvesting in community corrections, (11) prevalence and definitions regarding three-strikes legislation, and (12) American crime problems from a global perspective.

Date Published: January 1, 1997