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Comprehensive Report on School Safety Technology

NCJ Number
Date Published
October 2016
473 pages
In order to assist school officials in making informed decisions about technology for increasing school security, this report examines the technologies currently being used in K-12 schools, how they are used, how they were chosen, and how well they are working.
The report features four research components: a literature review, a technology review, case studies, and a legal review. The literature review provides perspective on school safety and security technology. It features research done by the academic community and practitioner community in the United States and internationally. Research examined pertains to risk assessment and security technology in the school community. Among the most notable technology trends are cloud-based systems and services, the connection of security systems to mobile devices, improved imaging and high-resolution cameras, integrated hardware, integrated software, social media use and monitoring, and wireless devices. In the technology review, basic and advanced school security technologies are examined. The technologies pertain to access control, alarms and sensors, communications, lighting, software applications, surveillance, and weapons detection. The case studies provide examples of school safety technologies used in four school environments. The legal review addresses laws and regulations that affect some decisions regarding technologies and their uses in schools. The report advises there is no one universal plan for school security. Each school or school district must assess the current situation, including the risks and issues that need to be addressed. Technology decisions should then be made according to these distinctive needs and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Extensive tables and figures, 391 references, and appended study instruments

Date Published: October 1, 2016