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Comorbid Mental Illness and Poor Physical Function Among Newly Admitted Inmates in Connecticut's Jails

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Date Published
Lisa C. Barry, Julian D. Ford, Robert L. Trestman
This study examined the prevalence of co-occurring mental illness and poor physical functioning among newly admitted inmates in Connecticut’s jails.
Of the 315 new inmate admissions into Connecticut’s jails with a current psychiatric diagnosis, 97 (30.9 percent) had poor physical function. Compared with inmates aged 18 to 24, those aged 25 to 39 and those aged 40 and over had increasingly higher likelihoods of having poor physical function overall, and among men and women separately. Whereas women were more likely to report poor physical functioning than men overall and within age groups 18 to 24 and 25 to 39, the effect of gender was insignificant in the oldest age group. Future research should determine whether poor physical function is associated with worse health-related outcomes among inmates with mental illness. (Publisher abstract modified)
Date Created: June 28, 2015