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Citizen Fear of Crime and Satisfaction With Sheriff Services Survey

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This report presents findings from a 1997 survey designed to determine Ada County (Idaho) citizen's fear of crime, attitudes toward police practices, and knowledge of services offered by the Sheriff's Office.
Responses were obtained from 806 residents in the county where the Sheriff's Office had primary jurisdiction. Part 1 of the survey asked respondents about their fears of crime, criminal activity they had witnessed, fear that they or their children would be victimized, and their thoughts on the contributions of local agencies in dealing with these concerns. The five most frequently cited crime concerns were speeding, lack of recreation for youth, stray animals, excessive noise, and vandalism. Nearly half stated their homes had been burglarized. Fourteen percent had observed drug activity, and 20 percent had observed gang activity. Respondents had a high level of activity outside the home, suggesting a low fear of being victimized in the community. Part 2 of the survey focused on citizen's knowledge about and satisfaction with Sheriff's Office services. The findings showed a high degree of satisfaction with service delivery and deputy professionalism; however, wide variation was found in public awareness of available programs provided by the Sheriff's Office. Part 3 of the survey asked respondents about their interest in and support for community policing. Respondents generally supported community-oriented policing programs. Appended full statistical presentation of survey findings

Date Published: January 1, 1997