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California: Forensic DNA Laboratory Improvement Project

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During the first year of the California Consortium DNA project, Federal funds partially supported 13 training courses that dealt with DNA extraction, identification, and typing.
The training courses were offered for various sheriff's departments, police departments, DNA laboratories, and district attorney's offices in California. Equipment upgrades were purchased and installed in laboratories for use in training. Several laboratories conducted validation studies of analytical procedures and equipment for casework and standardization purposes. Additional improvements were realized in several laboratories. Training courses focused on basic principles and forensic aspects of DNA typing, polymarker typing, statistics in DNA analysis, DNA extraction and quantification, genetics, human identification, courtroom presentation of evidence, criminalistics, body fluid analysis, and other aspects of DNA analysis. Equipment associated with the California Consortium DNA project is noted, and accreditation, casework, quality assurance, and validation aspects of the project are discussed.

Date Published: January 1, 1997