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NIJ Enhances Weapons and Technology

NCJ Number
Corrections Today Volume: 56 Issue: 2 Dated: (April 1994) Pages: 92-164
Date Published
73 pages

Twelve articles discuss issues pertinent to improved and efficient correctional facility architecture, construction, and design.


The first article argues that intelligent design choices, prototypical design, pre-engineered systems, on- site management, and local purchasing and employment can contribute to value and efficiency in correctional facility construction. Another article discusses how the Georgia Department of Corrections has used new perimeter security technology (electronic devices) to cut corrections costs. A third article describes how California has used inmate labor in correctional facility construction not only to lower construction costs but also to teach inmates useful job skills. An article describes how the State of Connecticut worked with Federal agencies to build a prison on a site that included some wetlands area. Other articles discuss how to make prison libraries visible and accessible, planning for special-needs offenders, using project management to ensure quality control, and the creation of a special unit to conserve energy and save money. Remaining topics examined are jail use of video communications to shorten court processing time, how the National Institute of Justice enhances weapons technology, setting the standard for security glazing, and how New York inmate health-care needs pose treatment and design challenges.

Date Published: January 1, 1994