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Anti-cyberstalking: The predator and prey alert (PAPA) system

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This paper describes the Predator and Prey Alert (PAPA) system, which is designed to facilitate the work of law enforcement in countering stalking threats via the internet.


Stalking is a crime typified by repeated harassment of another person and intrusion upon his or her privacy. Cyberstalking extends stalking into the realm of cyberspace wherein a predator stalks a victim or prey through Internet technologies such as emails, chat rooms, and instant messaging. This paper describes the Predator and Prey Alert (PAPA) system. PAPA consists of a set of integrated software and hardware modules and tools designed to support law enforcement in helping victims of cyberstalking, facilitate the investigation of such crimes, and maintain evidence for the potential prosecution of the cyberstalker. (Published abstract provided)

Date Published: January 1, 2005