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Body Armor Video for Procurement

When it comes to saving an officer's life, nobody can hold back. NIJ's National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center has created a video that can help procurement officials find the right vest for the right officer.

Crime File: Repeat Offenders


This Crime File video describes the Repeat Offender Program (ROP) of the Washington, D.C., police department and a similar program that targets young offenders in Mecklenburg County, N.C. A panel discusses these programs and constitutional issues involved in their operation.

Crime File: Sentencing


This Crime File video portrays three panelists contrasting indeterminate sentencing in Massachusetts, determinate sentencing in Minnesota, and discussing the existence and causes of sentencing disparity, sentencing factors, and racial discrimination in sentencing.

Crime File: Drinking and Crime


This Crime File video considers the relationship between alcohol abuse and deviant behavior, with particular attention to driving under the influence (DUI); a panel discusses the effectiveness of legislation and treatment in reducing alcohol abuse.

Technology Becomes a Tool for Abuse


June 2010

Cindy Southworth, Founder and Director, Safety Net: The National Safe & Strategic Technology Project at the National Network to End Domestic Violence

Cindy Southworth discusses how technology is a new tool that abusers are misusing in their harassment, threats and stalking.

Crime File: Drug Trafficking


In this Crime File video, James Q. Wilson moderates a panel of three (Mark Kleiman, Harvard University Research Fellow; Mark Moore, Harvard University Professor; and John Lawn, Administrator of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency), this team discusses Federal and local enforcement strategies against drug trafficking.