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A Sexual Assault Kit Partnership

Gerald LaPorte; Heather Waltke; Heather LaSalle; Tina Delgado
NIJ Office of Investigative and Forensic Sciences Director Gerald LaPorte and Deputy Director Heather Waltke, along with Heather LaSalle, Forensic Examiner, DNA Casework Unit, and Tina Delgado, Chief, Biometrics Division from the FBI Laboratory discuss why the NIJ-FBI Sexual Assault Kit Partnership was created and how the partnership plans to shed light on the complexities of sexual assault cases, particularly kits that have not been submitted to a laboratory for testing. Throughout the initiative, the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, VA tests eligible kits from law enforcement agencies and laboratories across the country to develop best practices that can improve the quality and speed of sexual assault kit processing.

Date Published: November 13, 2015