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Can Science Enhance Equity? Findings and Implications From a Study To Detect Bruising on Victims with Dark Skin Pigmentation

This plenary panel from the 2023 NIJ Research Conference features fascinating research on a methodology to improve the detection and documentation of bruises on victims of violence who have dark skin pigmentation. This study highlights the intersection between science, justice, and racial equity, featuring practitioner and victims’ advocacy perspectives. The discussion describes the research and its findings and explore strategies to ensure that this particular evidence-based methodology can be widely implemented by nurse practitioners in the field.


  • Carrie Johnson, National Public Radio’s Justice Correspondent (facilitator) ​​​​
  • Katherine Scafide, Associate Professor at George Mason University
  • Kimberly Foxx, Cook County (Illinois) State’s Attorney
  • Chantel Hammond, Forensic Nurse Specialist, International Association of Forensic Nurses
  • Janine Zweig, Executive Science Advisor, National Institute of Justice (introduction)

Date Published: August 24, 2023