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Awards Listing

Every year, NIJ awards grants and cooperative agreements for research, development, evaluation, testing and training and technical assistance projects across the spectrum of criminal justice.


All of the fiscal 2019 solicitations have closed. All successful applicants were notified by September 30th and non-award notifications will be made by December 30, 2019. View a complete list of 2019 awards.

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Awardee Name: Northeastern University

Number of Awards: 22
Total Amount Awarded: $8,028,204

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2019 Reducing Gun Violence through Integrated Forensic Evidence Collection, Analysis and Sharing Investigator-Initiated Research and Evaluation on Firearm Violence, FY 2019 Northeastern University MA 2019-R2-CX-0066 $288,615 Open
2019 Understanding the Trafficking of Children for the Purpose of Labor in the United States Research and Evaluation on Trafficking in Persons, FY 2019 Northeastern University MA 2019-VT-BX-0038 $664,690 Open
2018 Crime in Public Space and Online Domains: Commercial Sex and Sex Trafficking in Massage Businesses NIJ FY18 Graduate Research Fellowship in Social and Behavioral Sciences Northeastern University MA 2018-R2-CX-0005 $32,000 Open
2018 The Nature, Trends, Correlates and Prevention of Mass Public Shootings in America, 1976-2018 NIJ FY18 Investigator-Initiated Research and Evaluation on Firearms Violence Northeastern University MA 2018-75-CX-0025 $498,929 Open
2017 Longitudinal Examination of Victimization Experiences of Latinos (LEVEL): Extending the Bias Victimization Study NIJ FY17 Research and Evaluation on Victims of Crime Northeastern University MA 2017-VF-GX-0005 $725,999 Open
2016 A mechanism-based forensic investigation into the postmortem redistribution of morphine NIJ FY 16 Graduate Research Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Northeastern University MA 2016-DN-BX-0002 $47,833 Open
2016 Deep Multi-Factor Forensic Face Recognition NIJ FY 16 Graduate Research Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Northeastern University MA 2016-R2-CX-0013 $50,000 Closed
2016 The Impact of Correctional Officer Suicide on the Institutional Environment and on the Well-being of Correctional Employees Research and Evaluation on Institutional Corrections Northeastern University MA 2016-MU-MU-0010 $500,000 Open
2016 Understanding and Measuring Bias Victimization against Latinos Research on Bias Crimes Northeastern University MA 2016-V3-GX-0001 $558,575 Open
2015 Capturing Human Trafficking Victimization through Crime Reporting NIJ FY 15 Research and Evaluation on Trafficking in Persons Northeastern University MA 2015-VF-GX-0105 $462,973 Closed
2015 Encapsulated phase change nanoparticles as thermally-readable covert taggants NIJ FY 15 Non-solicited Applications Northeastern University MA 2012-DN-BX-K821 $305,965 Open
2015 Engineering a high-fidelity, damage-tolerant polymerase for forensic analysis of damaged DNA samples NIJ FY 15 Graduate Research Fellowship Program in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Northeastern University MA 2015-R2-CX-0011 $45,863 Closed
2015 Partner Violence Prevention for Middle School Boys: A Dyadic Web-Based Intervention NIJ FY 15 Non-solicited Applications Northeastern University MA 2014-MU-CX-4002 $791,846 Closed
2014 Implicit Racial Bias, Community Context, and Perceptions of Crime and Justice NIJ FY 14 W.E.B. Du Bois Fellowship for Research in Race, Gender, Culture and Crime Northeastern University MA 2014-IJ-CX-0031 $49,679 Closed
2011 Dating Violence Among Latino Adolescent - II (DAVILA - II) NIJ FY 11 Research and Evaluation in Violence and Victimization Northeastern University MA 2011-WG-BX-0021 $555,896 Closed
2009 Identifying Challenges to Improve the Investigation and Prosecution of State and Local Human Trafficking Cases NIJ FY 09 ORE Crime and Justice Research Northeastern University MA 2009-IJ-CX-0015 $501,352 Closed
2007 New Approaches to Identifying Secondary Market Sources of Illegal Firearms NIJ FY 07 ORE Police and Public Safety Northeastern University MA 2007-IJ-CX-0030 $205,891 Closed
2007 Sexual Assasult Among Latinas (SALAS) Project NIJ FY 07 ORE Continuations Northeastern University MA 2007-WG-BX-0051 $450,585 Closed
2006 A Multi-City Assessment of Juvenile Delinquency in the U.S.: A Continuation and Expansion of the International Self-Report Delinquency Study NIJ FY06 ORE Crime and Justice Research Northeastern University MA 2006-IJ-CX-0045 $252,698 Closed
2005 The Contextual Significance of Courtroom Workgroup Racial Diversity to Criminal Case Outcomes W.E.B DuBois Fellowship Program 2006 Northeastern University MA 2006-IJ-CX-0009 $75,523 Closed
2005 Understanding and Improving Law Enforcement Responses to Human Trafficking Research on Trafficking in Human Beings - FY 2005 Northeastern University MA 2005-IJ-CX-0045 $350,994 Closed
2003 Terrorist Finance and the Nexus with Transnational Organized CONTINUATION OF NATIONAL DRUG COURT EVALUATION Northeastern University MA 2003-DT-CX-0001 $612,298 Closed