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Research and Evaluation in Safety, Health, and Wellness in Criminal Justice System, Fiscal Year 2020

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With this solicitation, NIJ seeks applications for funding of multidisciplinary research projects addressing any of these five topics:

  1. Resiliency and Recovery of Law Enforcement agencies from Singular, Extreme Traumatic Events.
  2. Impact of Organizational Stressors on Officer Health and Wellness.
  3. Effects of Pre-Career Interventions and Subsequent Reminders in Modulating Mental, Physical, and Social Responses to Stressors in Law Enforcement Officers.
  4. Community Hostility, Officer Health, and Effects on Policing.
  5. Understanding the Increased Rate of Assaults on Law Enforcement Officers

All five topics, in varying degrees, lend themselves to a mixed-method approach involving a combination of the measurement of behavioral, psychological, biological, and physiological responses. Additionally, all five topics lend themselves to multidisciplinary research from behavioral science, neuroscience, operations research, and the social science communities


Date Created: January 2, 2020