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Stress, Vicarious Trauma, and Resiliency for Forensic Science Professionals

ASCLD Emerging Issues
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90 minutes

The phenomena of vicarious traumatization, compassion fatigue, and burnout have been described since the mid 1980’s, roughly coinciding with the growth in mental health treatments focused on clients who were victims of trauma. More recent efforts have been focused on increasing resiliency in professionals confronting traumatic material and demanding work environments. A large literature has documented these issues in first responders, law enforcement, legal professionals, and human services providers, but there are few studies on forensic professionals.

In this webinar, the speakers will present results for each of the surveys as well as the relationships between stress, job responsibilities, and resiliency efforts. The findings will be utilized to inform future directions in research, policy, and practice to better manage stress and increase resiliency among forensic professionals.

Date Created: May 20, 2020