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STR Data Analysis and Interpretation


This course provides information in three lessons.

STR (Short Tandem Repeat) Data Analysis and Interpretation Software. Learn the basics of data analysis software, become familiar with the purpose of GeneScan® and Genotyper® software, learn the difference between GeneScan® and Genotyper® software and GeneMapper ID® software, and become aware of the unique features of GeneMapper ID® software, and understand FMBIO® Analysis software and STaRCallTM software as related to GeneScan® and Genotyper® software.

Data Troubleshooting. Learn about commonly used STR data interpretation parameters and thresholds, spurious peaks, pull-up, stutter, microvariants, degradation, stochastic effects, allele dropout, mutations, and controls used in troubleshooting STR data.

Data Interpretation and Allele Calls. Learn the factors that can influence the output from instruments used in DNA analysis, learn about the controls and other techniques used to validate instrument output, compare methods to evaluate data and recognize analysis artifacts, and learn how to analyze data from single source and mixed source samples.

Date Created: June 1, 2007