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Recent Advances in Tandem Separation and Detection Techniques for the Analysis of Emerging Drugs

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1 hour

The use of tandem separation and detection techniques can be thought of as a tandem bicycle: one passenger is the separation technique and the other passenger is the detection technique.  Just as the performance of the bicycle depends on the optimum performance of each passenger, the specificity of analysis depends on both optimum separations and specificity of detection.

This webinar will discuss the role of emergent technologies for both separation and detection techniques employed in chromatographic systems to increase selectivity for the identification of emerging drugs. Techniques include supercritical fluid chromatography, multi-dimensional liquid chromatography, multi-modal liquid chromatography, nano liquid chromatography, vacuum ultraviolet detection, and cold electron ionization mass spectrometry.

When employing chromatographic systems, the specificity of analysis depends on both optimum separations and selectivity of detection modes. This is important when analyzing emerging drugs, especially when multiple compounds of similar structure exist within a drug class. In particular, positional isomers and diastereomers can be difficult to analyze by conventional gas chromatography mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry.

In this vein, this webinar will discuss the role of promising separation and detection technologies for the analysis of emerging drugs.

Date Created: February 25, 2020