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Glock Pistol Toolmarks: A Literature Review and Introduction of Undocumented Toolmarks

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1 hour

Glock pistols are well known for their generally distinctive class characteristics and the numerous toolmarks that they create on fired cartridge cases and unfired cartridges. There are many articles outlining the different toolmarks that can be created by these pistols, and this presentation will provide a literature review of the toolmarks that have been documented in the AFTE Journal.

Following this review, two new toolmarks that are not currently documented in the literature and can be produced by Glock pistols will be discussed. The first toolmark is created on the body of the cartridge case near the cartridge mouth. It is created by the intersection of the feed ramp and chamber. The second toolmark is an ejection port mark created on manually cycled cartridges, which can be produced on the cartridge case near the mouth and on the bullet. It is created by the lower edge of the ejection port as a cartridge is manually extracted and ejected.

Date Created: August 5, 2021