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DNA Extraction and Quantitation


This course provides information in the following five lessons:

DNA Analysis Considerations. Learn to identify potential obstacles in collection, extraction, and amplification; and describe potential PCR inhibitors and techniques to overcome them.

Organic Extraction. Learn the steps for and advantages and disadvantages of extracting DNA using an organic extraction method.

Chelex®100 Extraction. Learn steps for and advantages and disadvantages of using this method.

Other Extraction Techniques. Learn about commercial kits, the advantages and disadvantages of proprietary reagents and materials, determining the appropriate application of various techniques, and use of commercial materials in automated systems.

Quantitation. Learn why quantitation is necessary, the advantages and disadvantages of principal methods, the basic chemistry involved, about commonly used proprietary kits, and the calculations and dilutions to target specific amounts of DNA suitable for PCR.

Date Created: June 1, 2007