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Anthropology & Microbial Forensics

2017 NIJ Forensic Science Research and Development Symposium
Event Dates

The NIJ Forensic Science Research and Development Symposium was a free and open meeting where attendees learned about NIJ-funded research across a variety of forensic science areas.

This session includes:

  • Measuring Desiccation: A System Using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis - Christiane Baigent, Colorado Mesa University
  • Statistical Methods for Combining Multivariate and Categorical Data in Postmortem Interval Estimation - Jeffrey Wells, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
  • The Isotopic Taphonomy of Human Hair - Gwyneth Gordon, Arizona State University
  • Adult Skeletal Age Estimation: Tackling Long-Standing Problems with a New Approach - Steve Ousley, Pennsylvania State University

Date Created: March 7, 2017