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AFDAA 2021 Summer Meeting

Event Dates
Event Duration
2 days

The Association of Forensic DNA Analysts and Administrators (AFDAA), RTI International, and NIJ’s Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE) are partnering to host the AFDAA summer meeting virtually on July 28th and 29th this year. This virtual conference will allow the continued dissemination of research and exchange of ideas among forensic DNA scientists despite an ongoing pandemic.

AFDAA is a nonprofit 501c3 organization composed of professionals engaged in the forensic aspects of DNA analysis for the judicial system. Members include forensic DNA analysts, supervisors, and administrators with hundreds of forensic DNA professionals in over 75 agencies and companies across 25 states and international laboratories.

AFDAA typically holds meetings twice per year, in the winter or spring and the summer. As the field of forensic DNA and the organization have grown over the years, the winter/spring meeting has evolved into focused workshops on topics of current interest, usually held at the Texas DPS Headquarters Complex in Austin, Texas.

AFDAA provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among forensic DNA scientists to:

  1. Keep current on the methods, techniques, and procedures presently used in the field of forensic science.
  2. Promote the dissemination of information on research and developments of new techniques within the field.
  3. Stay abreast of the latest legislative issues concerning DNA analysis.
  4. Network with other DNA crime laboratories and personnel.
  5. Obtain formal training and attend guest lectures.
  6. Share and troubleshoot forensic DNA data and/or issues.

Date Created: November 19, 2020