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Forensic Technology Center of Excellence

Providing evidence-based resources about forensic technologies and emerging challenges.

The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE)[1]  supports the implementation of new forensic technology and best practices by end users and is dedicated to elevating the status of forensic science through:

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Date Created: January 26, 2021

Listen to Just Science Podcast!

Just Science is a podcast for justice professionals and anyone interested in learning more about forensic science, innovative technology, current research, and actionable strategies to improve the criminal justice system. This podcast deals with a range of issues, including leadership in the crime lab, efficiency, sexual assault response, and broader challenges for science and public security. 

Research Forensic Library

This unique library is a curated collection of publicly-accessible articles, reports, drug monographs, controlled substance notifications, historical documents, and other material relating to every discipline of the forensic sciences. New material is added daily.