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Personal protective equipment

Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor, NIJ Standard 0101.07

Specification for NIJ Ballistic Protection Levels and Associated Test Threats, NIJ Standard 0123.00

The NIJ publication Specification for NIJ Ballistic Protection Levels and Associated Test Threats, NIJ Standard 0123.00 specifies the NIJ ballistic protection levels and associated test threats identified by U.S. law enforcement as representative of current prevalent threats in the United States. The standard should be used in conjunction with other standards to test and evaluate specific ballistic-resistant equipment, such as ballistic-resistant body armor, against...

Embodying Evidence to Action: Tracking the Impact of Three Key NIJ Research Investments; Opening Plenary of the 2023 NIJ Research Conference

August 2023

This plenary featured three significant areas of NIJ research investment that have had a tremendous impact on both the research community and the field of practice: advances in forensic DNA, police body armor standards, and place-based analyses of public safety. Each topic was explored by a collection of people representing the researcher, practitioner, policymaker, and advocacy perspectives, exploring how evidence generation resulted in changes that improved public safety and yielded more equitable criminal justice outcomes.

Shock Absorbers

Date Published
August 2002
Publication Type
Report (Study/Research)

Special Technical Committees: How They Are Changing NIJ's Standards Development Process

June 2010

NIJ has established a new standards development process based on Special Technical Committees whose members include practitioners, scientists, researchers, subject matter experts, staff of test laboratories and major criminal justice stakeholder organizations, and representatives knowledgeable in standards development and conformity assessment. The members collaborate to develop the standard and ensure that practitioner needs are addressed.

Director's Message: Keeping Officers Safe – We Rely on Officers to Keep Us Safe, and They Can Rely on Us

The National Institute of Justice’s Research Efforts Help Officers Rely on Their Equipment, Policies, and Procedures.

Our nation’s law enforcement officers are put in dangerous and stressful situations every day as they protect and serve their communities. Some of these dangers, such as gun violence, are obvious; whereas others, such as officer fatigue, are a hidden yet significant risk to an officer’s well-being.

As we...