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Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act

NIJ's 50th Anniversary - Looking Back, Looking Forward

August 2018
NIJ’s 50th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on how far the Institute has come, as well as its direction and priorities moving forward. In this Research for the Real World event, panelists will speak to the history and future of the Institute, drawing from decades of experience working for and closely with NIJ. Two Former NIJ Directors will reflect on their days heading the agency and their observations on how the agency has changed over time.

Exemption Request Information

While an exemption request may not be the most expeditious way to meet the requirements of this rule, the regulation for Protection of Human Subjects, 28 CFR Part 46 §46.101(b)(1)-(6), defines categories of research involving human subjects that are exempt from its provisions. It is important to note that these exemptions do not apply to studies involving incarcerated persons, fetuses, pregnant women, or human in...