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Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)

Fighting the Opioid Crisis

Convening Police Leaders and Researchers to Learn Promising Practices and to Inform Research Agenda

Director Muhlhausen's prepared remarks at the NIJ-hosted Opioid Research Summit.

NIJ Director David B. Muhlhausen at the podium

NIJ Director Muhlhausen

Good morning and welcome to Washington, DC. It’s a privilege to host you here today at the National Institute of Justice. I’m particularly honored to have the Attorney General and the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General with us...

Crime File: Legalization of Drugs

January 1990


This Crime File video presents overview of the nature and effects of some drug legalization in Holland; followed by an examination of arguments for and against drug legalization as presented by panelists Ethan Nadelmann, assistant professor at Princeton University, and Herbert Kleber, deputy director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.


Date Published
January 2004

Speech to the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City

"New Approaches to Juvenile Violence"

Thank you.

This is a special honor for me to appear before the Citizens Crime Commission, and to share the podium with Congressman Schumer. Throughout his tenure in the Congress, and particularly as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Congressman Schumer has been a staunch advocate for crime control policies that rise above ideological debates to appeal to the...

Research Informing Policy: What If We Took This Idea Seriously?

I am very honored to be here, and particularly to be asked to address the challenging topic of the relationship between research and policy in the area of criminal justice and drug treatment.

Coming to this conference in Los Angeles, I reflected on the conference that many of us attended in April, 1997, in New Orleans on a similar topic. I distinctly recall that there...

Speech to National Corrections Conference on Substance Abuse Testing, Sanctions and Treatment

Framing the National Agenda: a Research and Policy Perspective

I am very pleased and honored to be with you this morning. In fact, I am in awe of the level of expertise and commitment that is represented in this audience. Larry Meachum and his colleagues at the Corrections Program Office are to be commended for gathering together the right people, with the right expertise, at...

Speech to the New York University Alumni Association "Crime Statistics -- Good News or Bad News?"

Thank you.

I would like to talk to you about youth violence. Youth violence is one of those issues that generates overheated debate. Some commentators warn that we are facing a "bloodbath" as the next birth cohort enters the crime-prone years. Some describe a generation of remorseless "superpredators" unlike any young criminals we have seen before. On the other end of the spectrum, commentators of...

Declining Crime and Our National Research Agenda: A New Yorker's View

Inaugural Lecture
The Jack and Lewis Rudin Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program

Good Afternoon:

I thank you for the invitation to speak with you this afternoon and thank Dr. Gerald Lynch for arranging this impressive gathering. I am especially honored to be presenting the inaugural lecture of the Jack and Lewis Rudin Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program. The Rudin family is synonymous with civic commitment to the...

Addressing Drug Abuse in the Justice Context: The Promise and the Challenge

Dear Colleagues:

I am very honored to be with you this morning and to share the platform with Alan Leshner, my friend and colleague. He and I have recognized the important relationships between the research agendas of our two institutes and have made progress toward a new chapter of collaboration between NIDA and NIJ. It is certainly consistent with the theme of this conference that...