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National Institute of Corrections (NIC)

Director's Message: Safety, Health and Wellness Strategic Plan

Planning NIJ’s Future Research Investments

Frequent readers of the Director’s Corner are well aware of my commitment to strengthening NIJ’s scientific endeavors while also strengthening the science that supports the criminal justice system. By advancing multidisciplinary research, connecting researchers and practitioners, and encouraging diversity in our investments, NIJ will be better able to inform our nation’s police officers, judges, lawyers, corrections officers, and policymakers of...

Corrections Strategic Research Plan 2018-2023

Date Published
October 2018
Publication Type
Report (Technical Assistance), Report (Annual/Periodic), Program/Project Description, Legislation/Policy Description, Administration/Management Material

NIJ FY 10 ORE Evaluation of National Institute of Corrections Evidence-Based Decision Making Framework for Local Criminal Justice Systems

Closing Date
NIJ seeks applications for an evaluation of the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) evidence-based decision making framework for local criminal justice systems. The primary objective of the evaluation will be to assess the connections between evidence-based court decisions and supervision options that break the cycle of criminal recidivism, protect the public, and assist offenders reentering the community from incarceration.