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National DNA Index System (NDIS)

What’s Possible with Rapid DNA Technology?

August 2022

NIJ scientist Tracey Johnson joins science writer Sarah Michaud in this episode. They discuss Rapid DNA technology, and Tracey explains the complexities of this technology – its pitfalls and its possibilities.

Reading and Resources from NIJ:

NIJ FY 15 Using DNA Technology to Identify the Missing

Closing Date

The goal of the “Using DNA Technology to Identify the Missing” solicitation is threefold:

  1. Assist eligible entities in performing DNA analysis on unidentified human remains and/or reference samples to support the efforts of States and units of local government to identify missing persons.
  2. Enter the resulting DNA profiles into the FBI’s National DNA Index System using the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) version 7.0...

Rapid DNA, Course 3

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