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Monitoring activities

Protecting Against Stress & Trauma: Research Lessons for Law Enforcement – Next Steps

October 2019
At this Research for the Real World seminar, NIJ brought together law enforcement practitioners and leading researchers in the field of stress to discuss the current research evidence and practical benefits of targeted stress-management interventions and how they can promote officer mental wellness. In addition, this gathering provided an exploration into what additional research is needed to best support officer health and wellness, potentially highlighting priority areas for future research.

Special Technical Committees: How They Are Changing NIJ's Standards Development Process

June 2010

NIJ has established a new standards development process based on Special Technical Committees whose members include practitioners, scientists, researchers, subject matter experts, staff of test laboratories and major criminal justice stakeholder organizations, and representatives knowledgeable in standards development and conformity assessment. The members collaborate to develop the standard and ensure that practitioner needs are addressed.

NIJ's Research and Development Process

NIJ’s research and development process helps ensure that projects are relevant to the field and produce valid, actionable results. The process typically includes:

Throughout this process, we follow widely accepted scientific processes and procedures to help ensure the validity and integrity of our research. Learn more about research validity and integrity at NIJ

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