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Process Evaluation of a Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program for State Prisoners: The W.J. Maxey Boys Training School

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Date Published
February 2000
135 pages
A process evaluation of a residential drug treatment program intended to reduce drug abuse and recidivism among youth placed at Maxey Boys Training School in Michigan focused on the program activities, program participants, and success in this new program.
The program began operating in May 1997. The evaluation focused on the appropriateness of the participants, staff training, variations in service delivery over time, participant progress, and organizational factors that change service delivery and participant progress. The research used information on service delivery, treatment services, program progress, staff, and staff training and from surveys, focus groups, and observations of program participants and comparison groups. Results revealed substantial improvements in the process of choosing participants during the evaluation period, as well as extensive initial training and planning for the program. Areas of concern included reporting accountability and missing data on the treatment activity monitoring form. Service delivery improved over time. However, more than half the youths did not exit the program within the stated 12-month time frame. Nevertheless, organizational changes improved supervision and service delivery. Overall, the process of delivery of the program funds and program has improved over time. Findings indicated the need for a more detailed evaluation of the agency and treatment model, as well as ongoing process and outcome evaluations are recommended. Tables and appended program materials

Date Published: February 1, 2000