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Memorandum of understanding (MOU)

Dual System Youth: At the Intersection of Child Maltreatment and Delinquency

December 2020

Across the country, child welfare and juvenile justice systems now recognize that youth involved in both systems (i.e., dual system youth) are a vulnerable population who often go unrecognized because of challenges in information-sharing and cross system collaboration. In light of these challenges, national incidence rates of dual system youth are not known.

Changing the Behavior of Drug-Involved Offenders: Supervision That Works

December 2012

A small number of those who commit crimes are heavily involved in drugs commit a large portion of the crime in this country. An evaluation of a "smart supervision" effort in Hawaii that uses swift and certain sanctioning showed that individuals committing crimes who are heavily involved in drug use can indeed change their behavior when the supervision is properly implemented.

Combining Intellectual Muscle: NIJ and the National Science Foundation Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Dr. John H. Laub, Director

I have on numerous occasions championed a scientific, comprehensive approach to meeting the challenge of reducing crime and promoting justice. That is why I was especially pleased when the National Science Foundation's Assistant Director, Myron Gutmann, joined me on September 10, 2012, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between our two agencies. Myron leads NSF's Directorate for the Social, Behavioral...

Director's Message: Bridging the Sciences to Support Cutting-Edge Research — NIJ’s Partnership With the National Science Foundation

This partnership serves as a catalyst to identify cutting-edge areas of research in the area of crime and criminal justice.

At NIJ, we are dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that our agency is only one of several important organizations on the cutting edge of social, technological, and forensic sciences. Therefore, partnerships and collaborations with other federal and nonfederal entities are at the...

Director's Message: NIJ and the Dutch Agree to Work Together to Improve the Use of Forensic Sciences

Dr. John H. Laub, Director