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Expert systems

What’s Possible with Rapid DNA Technology?

August 2022

NIJ scientist Tracey Johnson joins science writer Sarah Michaud in this episode. They discuss Rapid DNA technology, and Tracey explains the complexities of this technology – its pitfalls and its possibilities.

Reading and Resources from NIJ:

What Works in Reentry

December 2018
This Research for the Real World seminar, held October 29, 2018 focuses on the role and importance of institutional and community corrections, and rehabilitative and reentry services in crime prevention and public safety efforts. The seminar supports NIJ and the field in furthering the corrections and reentry research agenda, and advancing the knowledge of the Federal Interagency Council on Crime Prevention and Improving Reentry.

NIJ FY 11 Expert Systems Technologies for Criminal Justice Applications

Closing Date

NIJ is seeking applications for funding research and technology development or evaluation of expert systems technologies on handheld computing devices that emulate expert criminal justice practitioners' cognitive processes to inform the actions of nonexpert practitioners and enhance their performance. These systems would be used in both training and operational scenarios.