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Drug interdiction

NIJ Journal Issue No. 281

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Report (Technical Assistance), Program/Project Description, Instructional Material

NIJ FY 12 Research on Illegal Prescription Drug Market Interventions

Closing Date
Correction: The correct page limit for applications submitted under this solicitation is 30. NIJ seeks proposals for research on illegal prescription drug markets to examine the utility of policies, practices, and resources available to law enforcement for major crime deterrence, prosecution, and other market intervention measures. This solicitation has two objectives: policy analysis of criminal diversion of prescription medication laws, and Prescription Drug Monitoring program...

NIJ FY 10 ORE Evaluation of the BJA Drug Market Intervention (DMI) Training and Technical Assistance Initiative

Closing Date

NIJ is seeking applications for a multi-year, multi-site evaluation of the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Drug Market Intervention (DMI) Training and Technical Assistance Initiative. BJA will be supporting training and technical assistance at twelve sites within the United States. NIJ is soliciting applications to provide a comprehensive, rigorous, multi-year, multi-site process, outcome, and impact evaluation of DMI training and technical assistance and model implementation...

NIJ FY 10 ORE Research on International Organized Crime

Closing Date
NIJ is seeking proposals for research on international organized crime (IOC) that can help State, local, tribal, or Federal criminal justice agencies meet the challenge of IOC in their jurisdictions. Proposals are sought to develop and analyze information and data having clear implications for criminal justice in the United States in the following focus areas: quantification of harm; penetration of strategic sectors; links between IOC...