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Deaths in custody

Are CEDs Safe and Effective?

June 2010

Thousands of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States have adopted conducted energy devices (CEDs) as a safe method to subdue individuals, but are these devices really safe? What policies should agencies adopt to ensure the proper use of this technology? This NIJ Conference Panel discusses the physiological effects of electrical current in the human body caused by CEDs, as well as how this technology can reduce injuries to officers and suspects when appropriate policies and training are followed.

NIJ FY 12 Determining the Relationship between Stress and Unexplained In-Custody Deaths

Closing Date
NIJ seeks proposals for research to examine whether the physiologic and metabolic effects of the stress of being subdued or restrained, by any means, may explain otherwise unexplained in-custody deaths. Specifically, NIJ seeks proposals for research to: (1) clarify the fatal mechanisms that might be associated with stress resulting from being subdued or restrained, by any means and not limited to CEDs; and, if such...