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Tools to Support Campus Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Sexual violence is a significant criminal justice problem with long-term effects for its victims. In particular, sexual assault on or related to college campuses across the United States presents a growing public health and economic burden, starting with significant impacts on academic outcomes. The long-term goal of the National Institute of Justice funded Campus Sexual Assault and Response (CSAR) study is to support the development of policies, protocols, training, and interventions to prevent and strengthen responses to CSA by campus public safety agencies in partnership with campus health and wellness centers. This presentation pairs two tools to support campus staff. First is a checklist to inform and prepare campuses for effective prevention and trauma-informed CSA responses. Second is the trauma and research-informed uSafeUS® Campus Violence Prevention and Response Mobile App and accompanying administrator dashboard, providing both sexual violence prevention and post-violence response features to support survivors and direct students to on and off-campus resources 24/7.

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Date Published: May 16, 2024