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Weapons And Non-permitted Devices Detector (WANDD)

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July 2008
47 pages
This project developed and tested a new concept for a "Weapons and Non-permitted Devices Detector (WANDD)" based on a Luna Innovations patent for an ultrasonic nonlinear system that beams focused ultrasonic energy to a small region on a person.
The project succeeded in developing a device design that couples two modes of weapons detection in one device, with one of the modes being a new approach for detecting both metal and plastic devices. Luna Innovations developed an ultrasonic array, the electronic drivers for nonlinear generation, the detection and processing system, and the integration of two modes into one hand-held device. The uniqueness of this device is its conversion of the ultrasonic energy to lower frequencies in order to penetrate clothing while remaining focused within the ultrasonic envelope. The device was tested for corrections applications in an actual prison, successfully demonstrating its ability to detect both metal and plastic contraband. The items tested for detection included plastic knives, wadded money, pen pikes, and guns, as well as cell phones, cigarette lighters, candy spikes, keys, and miscellaneous articles. There were false positive in the tests, but the number decreased throughout the project. The audible sound pressure levels used were well under the relevant standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The objectives of the project's next phase are to eliminate the umbilical cable, improve the form-factor, and continue to improve the false-calls ratio. 9 tables, 36 figures, and appended questionnaire on contraband detection

Date Published: July 1, 2008