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Walk-Through Metal Detectors for Use in Concealed Weapon and Contraband Detection

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 2003
55 pages
This document presents standards for walk-through metal detectors for concealed weapon and contraband detection.
The purpose is to establish performance requirements and testing methods for active walk-through metal detectors used to find metal weapons and/or metal contraband carried on a person and/or concealed by a non-metal object. The requirements for acceptance include electrical requirements, detection performance specifications, operating requirements, mechanical specifications and requirements, functional requirements, detector mount, quality control and assurance, and documentation. Detection performance specifications include detection sensitivity, speed, repeatability, discrimination, operating controls, environmental ranges and conditions. Performance testing procedures include general test conditions, detection performance tests, alarm indication test, test for operation near a metal wall, steel reinforced floor, or moving metal door, and burn-in test. General test conditions include test location, environment, and preparations. Field testing procedures are for large, medium, and small object size. During field testing procedures, the detector is turned on and a clean tester walks through the detector portal carrying large, medium, and small object size test objects. 22 references

Date Published: January 1, 2003