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Violence Against Women: Synthesis of Research for Advocacy Organizations

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Date Published
December 2000
26 pages
Publication Series
This federally funded report synthesizes empirical research on violence against women in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault for advocacy organizations in the development of responsive social policies and programs.
Since the early 1970's, women advocacy organizations have been instrumental in transforming women’s private difficulties of domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape into public issues. These advocacy organizations continue to play an instrumental role in policy and program development. This report funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, attempts to assist advocacy organizations in continuing their support of female victims through synthesizing empirical research in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault. The report is organized into three sections: (1) domestic violence; (2) sexual assault; and (3) emerging issues. The first section discusses research on services to women who experience abuse from their male partners, focusing on protection orders, women who are arrested for domestic violence, and shelters and other supportive services. Section two reviews research regarding the effectiveness of rape law reform. In addition, promising models are introduced for coordinated community based programs, as well as examining treatment for offenders. The final section considers some emerging issues that advocacy organizations must confront: stalking, immigrant women, domestic violence in lesbian relationships, and the connection between domestic violence and welfare. Continued research is encouraged to facilitate the development of more responsive social policies and programs to address the needs of vulnerable women and their children. References

Date Published: December 1, 2000