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View From the National Institute of Justice (From Family Violence: Research and Public Policy Issues, P 228-233, 1990, Douglas J Besharov, ed. -- See NCJ-125593)

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January 1990
6 pages
The Director of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) examines the role of research in policymaking on domestic violence and discusses some of the barriers to effective research.
Policy debates should be informed with empirical evidence that supplies a range of responsible options rather than specific answers. Domestic violence is a particularly difficult policy issue, both because it involves issues of sovereignty and because the criminal justice system is relatively ineffective with respect to crimes between persons who have an established relationship. Other issues in criminal justice research are the need to ensure effective research designs and the need to use limited resources as effectively as possible. NIJ is focusing on problem-oriented research in two basic areas: (1) crime prevention and public safety and (2) apprehension and prosecution. It is also working to bring researchers and practitioners together both in conferences and in peer-review committees. Finally, its funding is directed to policy-relevant research, including basic research that is policy-relevant.

Date Published: January 1, 1990