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Vehicle Tracking Devices - NIJ Standard-0223.00

NCJ Number
Date Published
May 1986
27 pages
This report presents performance requirements and test methods for vehicle tracking devices and systems which either do not have special features such as audio alert tones or variable bandwidth receivers, or in which such special features are bypassed or disabled during testing for compliance with this standard.
Except for the receiving antenna, all parts of a vehicle tracking system are addressed in this standard (receiver, transmitter, transmitting antenna, and a transmitter power source). Minimum requirements are specified for user information to be provided by the manufacturer and distributor, the transmitter no-load characteristic, transmitter load condition, performance at environmental extremes, and transmitter performance. Minimum requirements are also indicated for the transmitter antenna radiation efficiency for systems with a 30-50 MHz band with a receiver channel spacing of 20 kHz, transmitter battery service life, receiver performance, and battery service life, receiver performance, and transmitter/receiver figure of merit. Definitions, 4 references, and 18-item bibliography.

Date Published: May 1, 1986