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Today's Forecast: Trouble Ahead

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July 2008
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This article describes the features of the Correctional Operations Trend Analysis System (COTAS), which is an automated system for predicting inmate disruption in order to help prison/jail administrators predict inmate disruption and find ways to minimize it.
Derived from an award by the U.S. Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice to the Florida Department of Corrections, the research and data analysis team conducted statistical analyses of years of data on violent and nonviolent disruptive events at the individual and facility level in order to identify factors related to the risk for inmate disruption of facility operations and security. The predictors identified have been used to build a user-friendly interface with dashboard/gauge presentation of critical elements and the capability of probing through additional layers of data. The gauges compare the situation in any given institution to other similar facilities throughout the State. The development process also included automating a daily feed of data into the COTAS system. Beta testing began on a small scale in April and will expand during the remainder of 2008, with users providing feedback for modifications to be implemented before final rollout next year.
Date Published: July 1, 2008