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Test Report of Land Mobile Radio Connectivity via Shared Satellite IP Networks and the Internet

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This paper reports on the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center-Northwest's project that conducted limited testing of commercial off-the-shelf equipment and affordable commercial satellite systems that might prove successful in linking remote public-safety communications systems to larger, urban, land-based communications networks.
The test results show that remote users of rural land mobile radio systems can be connected to users on the current mainland Alaska Land Mobile Radio system and other similar systems, but with some limitations. Connections can use low-cost shared satellite Internet protocol connections and the Internet, under conditions of tailored network design and equipment choices. Although the tested technology application might not meet all Federal agency security requirements without additional equipment, the identified communications links succeeded in providing a promising and reasonably secure transport means for local, regional, and State public safety agencies. The key to fielding a satellite Internet protocol in support of the Alaska Land Mobile Radio project is the availability of satellite capacity of the right type and quality and a network operator. Both of these will be available in the near term. The testing and evaluation focused on public safety land mobile radio communications links between urban areas and remote Alaskan communities. The tests used commercially available voice-over Internet protocol "gateway" equipment, satellite communications services, and network element equipment. The tests evaluated and demonstrated voice-over Internet protocol interface units, voice-grade satellite communications services, and Satcom optimized virtual private network products. 16 figures and appended supplementary data and information

Date Published: January 1, 2006