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Statewide DNA Program

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This report describes progress in North Dakota's Statewide DNA Program from June 30, 1998, to September 30, 1998.
The primary objectives of the DNA Project for the North Dakota State Crime Laboratory are to install CODIS and develop forensic DNA testing. In working toward these objectives, the project has purchased computer equipment and software to establish a CODIS network system, and it has done a preliminary drafting of administrative rules for collecting convicted sex offender samples. The project has completed the remodeling of an administrative area of the laboratory to accommodate CODIS and DNA testing. Modifications and reorganization within the forensic laboratory have also been achieved, so as to permit the installation of a laminar flow hood for the DNA program. Further, equipment and supplies have been purchased for DNA analysis. Other project activities include training in statistics for one specialist, enrollment and completion of one specialist for a college genetics course, and the reorganization of duties and responsibilities of crime laboratory personnel to accommodate the DNA program. Initial implementation of the DNA Project was hampered by the lack of available personnel. With the recent reorganization of personnel within the crime laboratory, the implementation of CODIS and DNA testing has been expedited.

Date Published: January 1, 1999