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Sponsored Research Programs - Fiscal Year 1986

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Date Published
January 1985
52 pages
This manual describes the major areas of criminal justice research for which the National Institute of Justice is providing grant funds for fiscal year 1986 and explains the application procedures and deadlines.
A summary of the programs of the research grant program areas explains programs in crime control research, crime prevention research, and criminal justice research. An explanation of the process used to determine priority areas for research accompanies descriptions of the four priority areas for research: controlling the serious offender, aiding crime victims, enhancing community crime prevention, and improving the criminal justice system. Specific research programs examining different aspects of each priority topic, the deadlines for applying for grants under each program, and lists of recent related grants and relevant references are presented. Descriptions of three types of fellowships and application forms and instructions are also included.

Date Published: January 1, 1985