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The "Real World" of Dating Violence in Adolescence and Young Adulthood - A Longitudinal Portrait

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September 2014
18 pages
This video and accompanying transcript record an address and follow-up questions at a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) "Real World" seminar in which Peggy Giordano discusses her research on relationship-specific risk factors for dating violence, which includes the identification of individual and social changes linked with the cessation of this form of violent behavior.
Giordano is a Distinguished Research Professor of Sociology at Bowling Green State University. She is the lead researcher for an NIJ-funded 13-year study of the dating relationships of a large sample of youth interviewed in adolescence and across the transition to adulthood (The "Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study). This study is examining relationship-specific risk factors for dating violence and has identified individual and social changes associated with the cessation of this form of violent behavior. Her presentation in this video focuses on what the research has found about adolescent development, human relationships, and violence. She first discusses the general topic of intimate partner violence, particularly as it emerges in early relationships. This includes the identification of relationship risk factors that characterize violent interactions. She then looks more broadly at behavioral patterns across the full five waves of the study, from when youth are 13 years old until they are almost 29. This is followed by a discussion of what the research shows about desistance from intimate partner violence. Audience questions and answers that followed the presentation are included in the video.

Date Published: September 1, 2014